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Once You Step in Elephant Manure You're in the Circus Forever: The Life and Sometimes of Durwood "Mr. Doubletalk" Fincher by Ed Grisamore

Included with the book is a 35-minute DVD with highlights of Fincher’s hilarious career in doubletalk.

He has been called “The Great Imposter,’’ a man who has been introduced to audiences across the country as Dr. Robert Payne, a bumbling bureaucrat from Washington, D.C.

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Best of Mr. Doubletalk DVD includes video highlights of Durwood Fincher's hilarious career in doubletalk. This 45 minute DVD-only product features video clips, interactive menus and instant chapter access to video clips.

Dubbed Mr. Doubletalk by Candid Camera's Allen Funt, Durwood FIncher delights fans with 45 minutes of the very best doubletalk interviews featuring The Mike Huckabee Show, The Today Show, the Atlanta Braves, Regis and Kelly,  and unsuspecting Americans across the country. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

Mr. Doubletalk's Toe Floss
For immediate relief of foot in mouth disorder. Guaranteed faux pas relief!

  • For Prompt, Temporary Relief of Foot in Mouth
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